Advise and Report to the Board on all operational activities of the Operating (Subsidiary) Companies and projects on timely basis.


Works with CEOs and Operating heads within the group to identify trendsetter ideas through Industry research, and same time locating and proposing potential business deals and opportunities.

Fund Raising:

With the support of the Group Director of Finance, raise funds from long-term investment capital to finance the activities of the Group (subsidiaries and other projects). Ensure all the Subsidiary Companies are adequately resourced in terms of Finance, Human Resource, Appropriate Technology and Systems for their effective operations.


On a daily basis, oversee the operations of all operating companies and associated projects; facilitating the work of the respective Chief Executives, and operational heads of the related companies.

Business Development:

Work with business development team to develop new business networks that will promote the activities of each subsidiary company within its respective industry.

Corporate Image Building:

Work in conjunction with the Group Director for Corporate Affairs to design and implement a strong public image of the firm and its conglomerate, using in-house Public Relations strategy and external Brand consultants.

Legal & Regulations:

Work with the Legal Consultants representing the Group in Recovery and all other legal undertakings of the Group. Scrutinize the adherence of all subsidiary companies, to statutory and regulatory requirements and stipulations to avoid infringements and fines.

Ethics and Values:

Work with the CEOs to inculcate and instill the Group Value System (GVS) and its supporting business ethical standards.

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